October is coming.

2015-09-29 kl. 16:17:00 av Sanna Lundqvist

Time is flying by. I love school, my classmates and my friends. Since I came home, I've had the best time of my life. I have never been this happy, everything is just great. Especially with friends, I have really gotten to know friends that are true keepers. 


It feels weird to not be in the same class as all my other friends, but it's not something I'm thinking about that much. My year in the US was definitely a great experience and I learned so much. I would never ever wanted it undone. I have met so many great people and this has changes my perspective in so many ways. 


What I love the most about being home is safety. I just feel so safe, I feel so comfortable. In the US I’ll admit that sometimes I felt uncomfortable, I felt like I didn’t fit in. I woke up and just felt weird. This is of course not weird at all, this is normal. Sometimes when I think about it, when I try to imagine the feeling of uncomfortableness that I felt, I start to cry. Mostly tears of happiness. Happiness that I don’t have to feel that anymore and it’s just such a release for me. 


As I said, I loved my year, I loved that I did this and I’m so thankful for all the nice people that I’ve met. I would never wanted this undone and I’m so glad that I did this. I grew as a person. 


Right now I just want to be home, I want to be close to my family and friends. I’m not ready to go back yet but one day I’ll come back explore more of the US.

Love, Sanna Lundqvist.


did this really happen?

2015-09-09 kl. 20:33:53 av Sanna Lundqvist
Sometimes I just think it all was a dream. That this year never actually happened. That I've never been to America. It's so surreal. I don't know why I keep on blogging and why in English? Maybe cause my blog has been a safety, maybe cause this is the place I still get to write on english. No idea. But my english has gotten worse since I got home. Sometimes I forget words and grammar, that's probably why I write in english right now, just to practice.

One last post.

2015-08-13 kl. 08:45:39 av Sanna Lundqvist
(for now)
Hi everyone! Oh, honestly I don't think there's an "everyone" left. Cause this blog really just stopped when I got home. Like a chapter ending, a chapter in my life. But I just want to write. To myself and I don't know, maybe someone's it there reading this. So hi to you. 
I've been home for about 10 weeks, just about a year ago I left NY and met my host family. One of my friends, Josefin, is doing the exact same thing now. I read her blog about NY and I got flashbacks so bad. That was exactly how I felt, what I did and how I remember NY. NY was probably the best days, they were SO much fun. Good luck Josefin, do lots of things, don't ever say NO, have fun, break rules and make this your OWN adventure.
So now I'm laying here in my bed. It's early morning, it's hot outside. I'm thinking about going for a walk. Today I don't have much to do more than taking a drivers class, tanning and working out with Lisa. But it's just those things, just those normal things, that I didn't really appreciate before. Those things are the things that I missed the most and I'm so glad to be back and to do those things. 
I did have a great year in the U.S. I learned a lot, it was so different from being home. The first month it's all about fitting in, you can't really be yourself, even though I tried hard. You just gotta take a step back. When you feel comfortable then you have to be positive to everything. Even though things made me mad I just had to put a smile on my face, I didn't want to get in to discussions and I think that's something I've learned now. I don't have to be right all the time and I've learned that we all have lots of different opinions. An exchange student is not there to argue. Just let it go, have fun instead. One thing I remembered that I was told before I left was that if people are being silly and childish, don't just stare at them and act older, just go with them, be silly and childish.
That's something that I noticed. Things Americans do for fun is very different from what swedes do. So just be childish and let it go, don't judge! You are there to learn.
I have to thank everyone who made this year so good, I'm so glad that I did this. I think this will make a big impact in my life. I hope I will be able to come back soon but most of all I hope some of you come visit me in Sweden!!
And now, how about being home? I love being home, there's no place I'd rather be. I can be myself all the time, do what I want, spend late nights with friends. I love Sweden and I know that this is home! So a year in Utah really made me appreciate the small things. Thanks for everything. I don't know then this blog will be updated again but this is like my diary and I'm gonna save it forever ❤️