From Kevin

Hej Alle!!! This is KevDog, also known as Kevin to everyone but Sanna. I've hacked into her blog and am going to tell you all the embarrassing things I've learned about Sanna this year. Just joking, she knows I'm writing. 
I just wanted all her friends and family to know what an incredible young lady Sanna is. I feel a special bond with her because of my experience in Denmark. I hope she feels the same. We have been able to spend a lot of time together because she is my running and exercise buddy and we were lucky to have her stay with us in our condo at St. George . Not to mention all the other things we have done together this year. My daughter Kati really has a great time when they are together. Her attitude and smile have gotten me through a lot of things I didn't think I could do, like climb to the top of Angels Landing. I haven't been able to do that since I was 18 ( too scared). We also ran 17km from my house to Grandpa Shields house with my daughter Amy. Without Sanna pushing me I would have never made it. 
I love her enthusiasm and she has had the greatest attitude about this experience in Utah. Yeah we go to church too much and we eat too much but Swedes like yucky fish. All part of the experience. As we come to the last month I want all of you to realize how much we love her and the impact she has had on many people here in Tooele and she will never be forgotten. Love you SannaCat!! 

Lovisa säger:

Fantastiska vän <3

2015-04-27 | 10:58:54
Anonym säger:

Älskar dig gumman! Hälsa Kevin från stolt mamma❤️

2015-04-27 | 22:30:30
Emma W säger:

Du är fantastisk Sanna!<3 njut av den sista tiden, jag väntar på dig här hemma!

2015-05-01 | 23:55:00
Olivia säger:

Älskade vännen!<3

2015-05-06 | 13:26:44

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